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Comments: JPEG images to PDF using Perl


Earlier this month I downloaded several episodes of the comic "Suske en Wiske" (Spike and Suzy), as cbr files. I own the original dead tree copies, but they are still in the Netherlands, and I own too many to ask my mom to take them with her when she visits us. Besides, we're running out of storage space in our little apartment.

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Thanks for that - very cool script. I have an Axim x3i and I occasionally read Tintin on it...but you're right. Pocket xpdf is pretty slow. I also miss a few handy options. For example, I think the one I have installed keeps your page position when you go to the next page, so you start the next page at the *bottom* rather than the top. Yikes!

Posted by Marc at 05:39 GMT on 26 February 2009

Thanks! Did almost exactly what I wanted. Only necessary change was to use .png files. The link to the API2 Lite doc page made that obvious! I also appreciate the !#/ line at the top; saved looking it up elsewhere.

Posted by Ray at 04:25 GMT on 24 March 2011

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