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Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book fix for Pidgin

Monday, January 12, 2009 | 0 comments

In the early afternoon, when I started Pidgin I got an error message at the bottom of my contact list:

Unable to retrieve MSN Address Book

At first I thought that a simple reconnect (re-enable) would solve this issue, but after several attempts I still had the same error message showing its ugly head, so I decided to enter the exact error message in Google.

And the first Google results mentioned all the same solution: install msn-pecan and change the type of your account from MSN to WLM (Windows Live Messenger). Since I am using Ubuntu, I installed msn-pecan as follows after I had quit Pidgin:

sudo apt-get install msn-pecan

After succesful installation, I started Pidgin again, and selected "Manage Accounts" in the "Accounts" sub menu of the contact list. Next, I selected my MSN account in the "Accounts" window and clicked on the Modify button, and selected WLM in the Protocol drop down menu of the "Modify Account" window. After I had clicked on Save and closed the Accounts window, I clicked again on the Re-enable button at the bottom of Pidgin's contact list, and was able to login again.

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