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Comments: To CLI or not to CLI

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Today I had a discussion via Pidgin with Els on the merits of using a command line interface over a graphical interface and vice versa. I argued that one big advantage of a command line interface is that it's easier to blog on how to do something. Visitors can copy and paste commands to a terminal without having to read long winded instructions, often accompanied by several large screen shots, explaining where they have to click, and which menu they have to open. And I also guessed that the former is easier on the ear for visitors using a screen reader than the latter.

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I couldn't agree with you more than I do.

I've just read your post on how to make video DVDs using mkisofs and growisofs.

One other thing worth noting is that CLI tools generally are more available and their interfaces rarely changes (much), so even if someone upgrades, they can be pretty sure the same options and commands will give you the same result.

Posted by Clearer at 23:24 GMT on 27 July 2010

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