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Comments: 10 reasons why I use Firefox

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I am not the first person writing on 10 (or a different number) of reasons why I am using Mozilla Firefox as my day-to-day web browser, and I am sure I won't be the last. However, this blog entry is not going to be some strong advocacy, trying to force Firefox on you, nor the ranting of a zealot. I just list the reasons of why I am using Firefox for my day-to-day browsing, somewhat in order of most used to less. I am still using Firefox 2 in case you're wondering why no Firefox 3 features are listed.

Read the rest of 10 reasons why I use Firefox.


When I first started using Firefox, it was the tabs and the "CSS compatibility". These days it's still that, but also the invaluable Firebug extension. This particular extension saves me so much time when writing HTML and CSS, that I can't believe I ever did my job without it.

Link: Firebug.

Posted by Els at 09:14 GMT on 5 August 2008

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