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Comments: Police encounters


We climbed up a sandly slope and had a good view of our surroundings. In an arroyo to our left Esme spotted a rabbit. We kept looking for an easy way to walk in western direction. After several minutes we noticed a police car standing on a ridge in the distance. We didn't give it much thought, and kept exploring our surroundings.

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That was fun to read, and it made me want to go shoot some photos of my own! Thanks for posting about your experience. I live in northern California, and one of the coolest things I've seen here is the Jerusalem Cricket, which I heard is called "niņa de la tierra" in Spanish. It was a fun/creepy experience to see that its young looked like long, thin, wriggly black worms.

Anyway, cool post. :)

Posted by Marc at 03:10 GMT on 18 July 2008

@Marc - I do encounter Jerusalem Cricket now and then as well, see for example The trip to the lava field which shows a very beautiful colored species.

Thanks for reading.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:42 GMT on 18 July 2008

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