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Cactus, no

Tuesday, April 22, 2008 | 0 comments

In the morning, Alice ended up with four spines in her finger. Out of curiosity, I guess, she had moved her little hand too close near one of the cactuses we have standing in our window sill. Despite having four cactus spines in her finger, she didn't cry at all.

Three cactus spines in Alice's finger.
Three cactus spines in Alice's finger.

She somehow managed to get rid of one spine before I could take a photo, hence only three are visible in the above photo.

Alice knows that she shouldn't touch cactuses. We keep telling her "Alice, cactus, no". And she even makes a no gesture with her hand when she sees a cactus, and shakes her head. But somehow, today, she got to close to one. Lukely, the spines of the cactus species she had picked are quite easy to remove, and don't break.

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