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Comments: Housing a Pandinus imperator


As soon as we returned from our shopping in Plaza las Americas, I started to work on the housing for the Emperor scorpion (Pandinus imperator, imported from Ghana, Africa) I had bought in the pet shop, Mascota. I had decided to use the terrarium of an adult female Centruroides gracilis to house the Pandinus imperator, because of its size. So first I had to move the Centruroides gracilis to a new enclosure, and remove the decorations (pieces of wood), the water dish, and substrate from the terrarium. After that I had the following to house the Emperor scorpion:

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Hi nice page but just so you know you scorpion is slightly overfed Yo can tell this by the fact that the white/gray "skin" under the Exoscelaton is showing alot more then it is meant to

Again very nice page

Posted by Connor at 14:46 GMT on 29 July 2009

Thanks Conner. The scorpion is a pregnant female. She gave birth to at least 19 scorplings about 10 days later, see Emperor scorpion babies, and I guess that's the reason why she looks quite overweight.

For a year I always saw a maximum of 9 juvenile scorpions. Recently I didn't see any juveniles for some time, and I was afraid all had died. When I examined the burrow the mother had made over a year ago, and repeatedly extended, it looked abandoned and caved in.

When I couldn't find any trace of scorpions, dead or alive, I decided to carefully empty the substrate out of the terarrium into an empty Iris clear storage box (CB-30) with the help of my wife, and lo and behold, they were alive and kicking, and twice as much as I thought I had since we counted 19 juvenile scorpions.

Sadly the scorpion that looked the weakest, maybe it got hurt when I emptied the terrarium, died the next day. The eighteen are, as far as I know, still alive, and I will do my very best to keep them that way. The mother died a few months ago, sadly.

I am quite careful with feeding my scorpions as in that I probably feed them - based on what I read on forums - less than most hobbyist and they all seem to be doing fine. I currently feed the eighteen 1+ year old Pandinus imperator juveniles 2-3 pre-killed superworms about once a fortnight (That is 2-3 superworms to share amongst them, not 2-3 superworms each).

Posted by John Bokma at 01:47 GMT on 30 July 2009

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