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Comments: Scorpion in the kitchen


Late in the night, Esme called me from the kitchen to come look at the wall. She had found something. I was already in the bed, undressed, and didn't bother to put something on when I went down to the kitchen. And when I looked at the wall, I was able to see what she had found, even without contacts, a scorpion!

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so why tell us you didn't put on anything? Did it bite you or something? LOL! Just kidding!

Posted by sootfoot5 at 20:45 GMT on 14 February 2008

Today 6/21/08 we found a live scorpion in our kitchen and we caught it and put it in a container and now we have realized that it has an egg sack so there are probably going to be a lot more LOL!

Posted by Lily at 00:57 GMT on 22 June 2008

Hi Lily,

Are you sure that it is a scorpion you captured? Scorpions don't make egg sacks: they can't produce silk and give live birth.

If it's a scorpion I wonder what you might have mistaken for its egg sack, please let me know.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:23 GMT on 26 June 2008

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