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Christmas girl

Thursday, December 20, 2007 | 4 comments

At the end of the afternoon Esme, Alice and I went out to buy a Christmas tree at last. I've been quite busy the past days working on a message board, written in Perl, for a customer in Japan. And I also had a few bad days due to a minor depression.

We first went to Plaza Crystal, a shopping mall, because Esme had seen people selling Christmas trees at the parking lot. But when we arrived by taxi, no trees. We asked around and a girl said that maybe Wal-mart would have trees. But when we arrived at the parking garage underneath the building we heard that there were no real trees available.

But no worries, Esme had two alternative locations in mind: in the center of Xalapa, where we had bought our tree two years ago - also a few days before Christmast - or Home Depot. We decided to go to the center first.

And we were lucky, there where plenty of nice Christmas trees available. At first we tried to get a taxi and have the tree on the roof, like we did two years ago, but since no taxi was stopping for us, Esme asked me if I wouldn't mind to carry the tree back home...

A boy had already used some wire to make the tree quite compact, and it was not that heavy. But 10 blocks walking... Anyway, I managed, and when the streets got too crowded we took a differnt route to prevent me from bumping a tree into people.

In the evening Esme unpacked our Christmas decorations, and I told her I wanted to give "that picture" a try. So I unpacked my tripod, put my Canon A640 in full manual mode while Esme selected some Christmas lights that actually worked.

Alice, playing with some Christmas lights.
Alice, playing with some Christmas lights.

If you read the "digital Photography School" - if you don't, I recommend to do so if you're into photography - you probably see from the above photo that I enjoyed 20 Christmas Lights Photos - With a Twist a lot. While the above photo is not as good, in my opinion, as the one with the child shown in the aforementioned article, I do like the result a lot. Maybe tomorrow or in the weekend I'll give it a few more tries to get a better photo. A bit more light, not Christmas lights that have 50% working bulbs, might give me a bit more and better light.

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