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Comments: Copy URL+ extension for Firefox


Sometime ago I wrote a small Greasemonkey script that adds 3 HTML input elements to the page I am viewing in Firefox, each containing the address of the current page and additional info in a different format: HTML, BBCode, and MediaWiki markup.

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You have done a great job on this. One thought though, is there any way you could have an option to copy to a predefined folder?

Posted by bob at 10:46 GMT on 20 January 2008

Hi bob,

Thanks for the compliment.

You mean instead of copying to the clip board, you want to copy the information to a file in a predefined folder? As far as I know this is not possible with Copy URL+.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:40 GMT on 22 January 2008

I'm a huge fan of Copy URL + and I use it to capture resources, ideas, etc. into my big text file. Sadly, it looks to not be supported anymore. This is a problem in trying to upgrade to Firefox 3.0. Any ideas? I use a Mac, so maybe there's another OS-based solution?...

Posted by Matthew Cornell at 14:22 GMT on 22 June 2008

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