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Comments: Snarl with Perl on Microsoft Windows

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Today, using Google, I found Snarl, a program inspired by Growl (Mac OS X) that allows applications to display notifications on the Windows desktop. Communication with Snarl is done via the window messaging functionality (SendMessage), making it accessible to any programming language. And after installing, for example Win32::GUI, this should include Perl. I had been wondering for some time if such a program was available for Windows, and today I decided to actively search for such a program and I was rewarded.

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Awesome module, I've already found good use for it. But I just wanted to note that since you've posted this code, "use Win32::GUI;" has been depreciated, "use Win32::GUI();" is now the preferred form. Just thought I'd let you know since using this module as-is does throw a depreciation warning.

Posted by sli at 18:49 GMT on 23 August 2008

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