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Cell: A novel by Stephen King

Monday, January 8, 2007 | 0 comments

Today I finished "Cell" by Stephen King. Although I am not a big fan of Stephen King - sometimes his stories move too slow for my taste - I couldn't resist buying Cell recently.

Cell by Stephen King

The story is about how a small group of people survives the event in which a large part of the human population gets reprogrammed by a specially crafted signal - later in the book named "the pulse" - they receive when they pick up their ringing cell phones.

The reprogrammed humans act in the very beginning as mindless and aggressive beings. Attacking other humans, reprogrammed or not, and even harming themselves. But after a day or so they start to act as a group. Can the group of non-reprogrammed humans survive? Are their loved ones still sane?

I really enjoyed this book. When I left for Mexico, almost 3 years ago, an aunt gave me the Dutch translation of The Stand: Expanded Edition, also by Stephen King. I enjoyed that book a lot. Cell reminded me a lot of The Stand, one can say there are some similarities in the story. But this didn't bother me in the least.

Conclusion: in my opinion a must read book by Stephen King. If you enjoyed "The Stand" I am sure you will not be disappointed by Cell.


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