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Comments: Scorpion mother with babies on her back


On a sand slope near the town of Tenextepec, Veracruz, I found a scorpion mother with babies on her back hiding under a stone. This was the first time Esme and I saw a scorpion with babies in the wild.

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i never knew baby scorpions were clear wow WiErD!!!

Posted by amanda at 14:27 GMT on 6 December 2007

Really great! Was this a large scorpion? We get little ones here in Hawaii -- only about 1" long full grown. They look just like her, but I've never seen one with babies before.

I have seen a mama centipede with her babies, tho, while digging in the garden. She doesn't carry them, tho -- she is curled up under leaf & wood litter and when you disturb her, she just wraps around all her little babies and tries to keep them safe & together. They usually just run away to another hiding place, but she stayed put. It was really neat. ;)

I like your photos. ;)

Posted by Geckohale at 11:33 GMT on 1 September 2011

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