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Comments: Nature Photos 2006


Last Friday Esme and I sat down for quite a task: selecting 24 photos out of the many, many photos I made this year that we considered my best photos. Twenty four, because we wanted to leave one spot free for our last walk of 2006, which took place yesterday. And indeed, I was able to make a good photo on that day. Well, at least in my opinion.

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Very nice photos & commentary. You folks obviously know how to get the most out of a walk!

Posted by ed. at 15:29 GMT on 12 June 2007

Thanks ed!

Posted by John Bokma at 19:27 GMT on 12 June 2007

I was looking for bee pics and happened on your site. Thank you for sharing all of your awesome photos...I felt like I was there!

Posted by Chici at 21:39 GMT on 29 June 2007

its a good site!!!! good photos, scary ones too!!!!

Posted by rayna at 10:40 GMT on 11 October 2007

Hello, You photos are beautiful!

Posted by Rose at 03:54 GMT on 22 December 2007

absolutely awesome photos!!! you definitely have a gift!!!

Posted by tara at 15:17 GMT on 25 January 2011

You're great man,

Very Cool Photos of different places/species

Posted by Firesynth at 13:29 GMT on 18 May 2011

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