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Comments: A butterfly resting


When Esme and I visited the small city of Retalhuleu (Reu) in south-western Guatemala we also had a pleasant walk close to this city. We saw a lot of butterflies that day, many species, but I consider this photo the best I took that day.

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I have taken a picture of the same butterfly while visiting Bath North Carolina. It has puzzled me as my butterfly book does not recognize this as visiting the area we were in. Also I believe I have seen this butterfly near my home as I had the page previously marked in my butterfly book but assumed I had remembered it incorrectly as it is not supposed to be in this area. Is there one that is native that is very similar?

Posted by Anonymous at 02:45 GMT on 14 July 2008

A butterfly that looks similar to the Mexican Fritillary (Euptoieta hegesia) is the Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia), which is on the List of Butterflies of North Carolina, see: Variegated Fritillary Euptoieta claudia (Cramer, 1776) and Variegated Fritillary (Euptoieta claudia).

Posted by John Bokma at 19:42 GMT on 18 July 2008

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