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Comments: A Christmas tree ready for Christmas


Today Esme went out to buy some extra stuff for the Christmas tree we had bought a few days ago. Since this tree was much larger then the one we had last year, some extra balls where needed.

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I think it is very classic also and beautiful. I will have to put pictures of mine once all finished. I will have 4 total. The one on our balcony just has lights, the one in the entrance way is all green, white, red, and some gold tones only. I have one in the upstairs hallway a small one dedicated to my grandson with baby theme ornaments. I love themed colored trees. I also like hodge podge a mixture of everything which is what my main tree is that will be in the living room. I love Christmas! Again what a beautiful tree, tell Esme she did a wonderful job and thank for sharing!


Posted by Stacey - Jezsta at 18:31 GMT on 14 December 2006

Hi John & Esme,

Nice tree, not overdone. Heel mooi. Compliments to Esme.

Have a wonderfull christmas and greetings from Holland.

Posted by Tonnie at 19:56 GMT on 14 December 2006

Just like Christmas, a lot of the joy of love is found in the giving.

Posted by Lamar Cole at 09:41 GMT on 25 December 2006

Keep it untill next christmas then keep it again

Posted by june&michael at 17:42 GMT on 3 February 2007

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