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Comments: Compiling .NET Compact Framework applications without VS


When I bought my Dell Axim X51v PDA, or pocket PC, I had shortly after plans to write some small programs for it. Since I had already played a bit with C# several years ago I was hoping that Microsoft also made a .NET Compact Framework software development kit (SDK) available that I could use without Visual Studio, and use either via the command line or #develop (SharpDevelop), an Open Source Development Environment for .NET.

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question...what were your procedures in installing the .NET Compact Framework 2 in your Dell Axim X51v? I am having problems installing it...

Posted by rone at 01:11 GMT on 6 December 2006

Hi Rone,

If I recall correctly, I downloaded the file, installed it on my PC, and the compact framework was installed via Microsoft ActiveSync on the Dell Axim X51v.

Can you tell me what problems you are having?

Posted by John Bokma at 03:39 GMT on 6 December 2006

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