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Comments: Flowers in the rain 1


Today Esme and I decided to go to Tlalnelhuayocan, a town close to where we live, Xalapa. Because it was raining in the morning, we decided to wait until one o'clock. We had to wait quite some time for the bus to Tlalnelhuayocan, but finally it arrived. It was still raining a little, but the sky looked less gray, so we hoped that it would stop raining soon.

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Dear John :

I just visited your site and loved the beautiful flowers you put on it. Very soon we'll move to the Xalapa region for good, having lived in Veracruz- Puerto for 5 years (too hot, too noisy, too many creepy things, too lazy Jarochos, too many nortes etc...). We already went to see various houses in Tlalnelhuayocan and Naranjillo and hope to find a ''casa campestre'' in that region (Xixo, Coatepec, Briones, Pitaya...). At that occasion we'd like to make your acquaintance !

Thanks for showing the beauty of nature !

Gloria and Emil.

Posted by Emil at 04:23 GMT on 24 April 2007

dear john, it is so beautiful to see those beautiful photos, transported me to another place and time. i too would like to do something like this but too lazy to sit and do. thanks for sharing. regards christina.

Posted by christina at 06:09 GMT on 22 July 2011

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