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Comments: Hiking near Coacoatzintla, Veracruz


Today Esme and I went to Coacoatzintla for a nice long walk. It was quite a hot day, but we walked most of the time in the shadow provided by pine trees.

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Personally I have been to that town and it is beautifully the surroundings the town everything about it is just amazing.

Posted by Kate at 14:37 GMT on 8 January 2007


I hope that you had enjoyed the time that you stayed in town, you know I live in Coacoatzintla and personally I didn't know that we count with such kind of animal species like the scorpion or that kind of spider, however I hope that If you ever think in coming back to this nice town you can contact me so I can show you more beatiful and amazing views in the mountain, you can mail me so I can send you pictures from all the town and its arrounds.

Well having nothing else to say only bye

Posted by wizardsblack at 21:31 GMT on 10 July 2008

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