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A good start of the work day

Monday, September 11, 2006 | 0 comments

Today I started with the planned "1 hour of study" after breakfast in order to start my work days a bit more productive.

A not so good start of the day was that I noticed the scorpion (Diplocentrus species) that was giving birth last Friday was dying, as I somewhat had expected since she was behaving strange for many days, and the birth looked more like she was aborting the baby scorpions. Some looked more like larvae, not full grown babies. Also, while one baby managed to climb on her back, I noticed later that it was no longer there.

Later that day it was clear the scorpion was dead, so I put it in a cup with 70% alcohol in order to preserve it.

Around 7 in the evening I took a quick shower, and after I got dressed Esme and I went up the roof in order to look for scorpions. And we were lucky, since I found one adult Centruroides flavopictus in the pile of stones and tiles I stacked in one corner in order to provide a hiding place for scorpions.

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