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Comments: Antidepressants offer no cure


Today I bought the Scientific American Mind (volume 17, number 4), a magazine that I like to read. While browsing the magazine I noticed the "... Yet antidepressants offer no cure" on page 8, under the article "Prozac spurs neuron growth...". Since I have taken antidepressants for over 18 months, starting in 2001, and instead of experiencing any improvement but actually the opposite, my attention was drawn to this article, and so I started to read.

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it is called an 'active placebo', and yes, they do 'work' better than ordinary placebos.

Posted by no at 00:02 GMT on 5 March 2007

I have a clinical chronic depression since I was 20 years old and may be before that but I was not recognized back then. Today I am 52, through these years depression made my life miserable, full of problems, misfit and more & more isolation, in-spite of trying different prescribed medicines by Psychiatrist and Psycho-Analysis therapy for over 5 years on & off, at best my situation remain under control but not cured at all, I also know now that having supportive people & constructive circumstances is the real cure, medicine have artificial effects that could be temporary good, but more likely to reflex back negatively on my mood. I think that this disease is a pandemic one, nothing less cancer and may be even worse, because it sucks the life out of you slowly, and it has been ignored & neglected by the medical profession... while patients with depression are at large poor due to their illness, Psychiatrist now are charging ever more than before due to the rarity of their field... which brings me to my question...what do I do now after all exhausting my options??

Posted by Silent Witness at 00:30 GMT on 12 September 2011

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