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Comments: Best site in bleep!


If you have a guestbook, a blog, or some other option for visitors to leave a message on your website, and if you check it now and then you might have seen a spammer I refer to as Bleep because often his spam message ends with "Best site in bleep! My thnx to webmasters".

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Interesting read John. You take blog spammers pretty seriously I see. I personally don't get any blog spam at all, ever. Nobody ever posts a message. That's Ok too because I use mine mostly to freak out on when I'm hallucinating. ( that was a joke John )

I don't run across many intelligent people thoughout the day so it's nice to be amazed once in a while. Keep up the programming bud we're all gonna' be world famous someday ... just another expert SEO -


Posted by just another expert SEO at 14:18 GMT on 14 July 2006

You re absolutely right with that spam. I also let them in just to check them. There's so much rubbish in the blogosphere. It's a piece of cake for them to post automatically hundred of blogs.

Posted by rxbbx at 15:17 GMT on 6 October 2006

You seem to have WAY too much free time.

Posted by Spammer at 04:19 GMT on 3 February 2007

I rather invest a small amount of my time now instead of needing a lot of time to wade through piles of garbage soon. Remember email.

Also blog spammers are a lot of fun to report because a lot of the sites they spam are taken down very fast.

Posted by John Bokma at 16:19 GMT on 14 February 2007

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