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Comments: Pixies say they will never record again


Today I read on the website of NME that the Pixies, my favorite band, will never record again, but will continue to tour. Frank Black (vocals, guitar), also known by the stage name Black Francis, told Uncut: "I wish it could go a bit further again and we could make a record. Not all of the band-members are willing to do that. Rather than make a big deal out of it, we've agreed to just continue to play live."

Read the rest of Pixies say they will never record again.


(this might turn into long comment)

mmm Pixies.

I dont know if i told you yet, but there are jumbos (big commercial posters) for Pixies concert in Zagreb, Croatia all over the town here... and i love it! Its got this font in black on white background: Pixies sell out 2004 reunion tour (link to image).

I'd just steal one, cut the crap off and hang it on my wall :P

Anyways to your blog topic... I kinna agree with "is more better?". I'd have to says: usually not. There are many bands out there that broke up and got back together and their music changed. to worse. (eg: U2)

Its better than they go on touring, let people sing songs all know beside. They have 10 albums out... i dont think fans will resent if no new music out... as long as they stay on scene touring.

Posted by mistressEVIL at 08:45 GMT on 20 July 2006

I have to agree with you. My all time favorite band, X, has been performing with their original line up and I don't mind at all that they're not releasing new material. I think the last thing they recorded was an acoustic set of mostly old standards. Really fantastic album and sounded completely different.

Anyway, Pixies rule.

Posted by Marcos at 20:54 GMT on 16 September 2006

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