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Comments: Hiking from Tlalconteno to La Gloria


Today we had a long but excellent hike from Tlalconteno to La Gloria, both towns in Veracruz close to the border with Puebla.

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Hi, John.

I thought I could offer some tentative identifications. From "Hiking near San Luis Atexcac", the animal which you identify as a black widow spider looks suspiciously like a darkling beetle. They typically assume a head-down posture when threatened; their chemical defenses reside in the elevated abdominal tip. From Walking to the barranca", your grasshopper looks like a horse lubber, Taeniopoda sp. In the southeast USA, I'd say it was T. eques. I don't know if you have a different species in eastern Mexico. Lastly, from "Descent into the barranca", I'm not so sure your lucky clover was a clover (family Fabaceae). It looks like family Oxalidaceae/Oxalis family to me. I personally like Oxalis more than clover, so I think you were still lucky. You've got a great site. Craig

Posted by Craig Goldstein at 06:30 GMT on 17 July 2006

Hi Craig,

The black widow spider in the picture might indeed be mistaken for a beetle. The picture was taken with a very old digital camera, and the position is odd.

Thanks for the information regarding the grasshopper. I see them often and I like the coloration.

And as of the "clover" I was in serious doubt about that one, but couldn't come up with a better name.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:51 GMT on 30 July 2006

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