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To Mac or not to Mac

Monday, July 3, 2006 | 6 comments

Yesterday when Esme and I visted Plaza Americas, a big shopping center in Xalapa (were a lot of things are 15-25% more expensive compared to shops in the center of Xalapa), I also looked again at some computers made by Apple: MacBook, MacBook Pro, and a Mac mini.

And again I started to think, do I really want an "exotic" computer again? Moreover, currently on Windows XP the software I use consist of either Open Source, or software that only runs on XP. The Open Source programs I probably will use on Mac OS X as well (for example: Perl, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, VLC media player). But the other programs I like to use might be a bit more problematic: MSN Messenger and Xara Xtreme to name two.

For the latter there is hope, Xara is porting Xtreme as Xara LX to GNU/Linux and I am sure that Mac OS X is also on their list. But do I really want to switch to another OS and run the same software as I am running now? I don't have the long list of problems people always attribute to Windows XP. And if I am going to switch, why not to GNU/Linux? Ubuntu for example?

Today I read an article written by Mark "Dive into" Pilgrim via Slashdot, in which he mentioned a lot of good points that have been on my mind for quite some time. Why should I start using a Mac? I am now even less sure.


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