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Comments: Gzip and more GNU power to Windows


Today someone in a Perl related Usenet group stated that he had no Gzip for Windows, and hence was trying to write a solution in Perl. So I replied to his message with a link to the GnuWin32 section on SourceForge which has a lot of ports of tools with a GNU or similar open source license ready for download and use under Microsoft Windows.

Read the rest of Gzip and more GNU power to Windows.


Check out unxutils - GNU utilities for Win32

All of these utilities work great without having to install the full cygwin or mingw.

Posted by Donovan at 23:42 GMT on 6 July 2006

Hi Donovan,

I have used unxutils in the past, but it looks like it hasn't been updated for quite some time (or at least the web page states Last change on 30-04-04)

I have the feeling that GnuWin32 is better maintained and has more ports available, but that's just a feeling.

Posted by John Bokma at 00:25 GMT on 7 July 2006

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