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Comments: Whip scorpion


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hehe! I had one as a pet. Her name was Matiline. She was quite the charmer. Sadly my mom fumigated the house while i was at school and forgot her. They are so intriguing.

Posted by Khimera at 14:59 GMT on 20 July 2007

Hi Khimera,

I keep one as pet as well, and they are indeed intriguing animals. Before I moved to Mexico I had no idea that such animals even existed.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:53 GMT on 21 July 2007

I have plenty of these in....my house. I live in the mountains of haiti, Carribean. and my wife did not want to believe that they are actually a type of scorpions

Posted by Will at 14:45 GMT on 6 December 2008

Will - the whip scorpion contrary to the suggestion in its common name isn't actually a scorpion. However, it does belong to the same class - Arachnida - as scorpions.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:42 GMT on 11 December 2008

Yes I found one as well in my garage and I live in New Mexico near the foothils. I call him Blackie.. Awesome little pets...

Posted by Larry at 20:18 GMT on 26 July 2010

Had been looking up to find what was this when it was found in one of a wooden drum in the warehouse! And guess where am i from...Singapore! i wonder how this Arachnida found its way here to Asia!

Posted by Lau at 15:31 GMT on 28 July 2010

@Lau - I guess the species you have seen is native to Asia?

Posted by John Bokma at 01:14 GMT on 8 August 2010

I live in the southern half of New Mexico. I would like to know where to go and get some info on these little critters.I find them very intriguing. Thank You for your help. johnny

Posted by johnny at 22:04 GMT on 17 August 2011

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