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Comments: Vinegaroon eating a superworm


Today I fed my vinegaroon (uropygid) a larva of the darkling beetle (Zophobas morio). I had fed it a larvae earlier on, but this time I managed to see the animal capture and eat it. On the earlier occasion, the vinegaroon noticed the vibrations the dropping of the superworm caused, and started to feel around with its first pair of legs, which are highly specialized sensory organs. Or like Esme said: like a blind man using his stick.

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I just purchased a baby Vinegaroon at the Cal Poly Insect Fair and I love it so much. I currently go to the university of La Verne and It's the perfect pet to stay up late with while I do homework. I've raised scorpions and tarantulas but the vinegaroon is my favorite.

Posted by Emilia at 01:25 GMT on 27 October 2006

I sure hope I dont meet one of these critters when I'm camping in the high desert (Ridgecrest area)

Posted by coyotemike at 18:02 GMT on 25 February 2011

I live on a mountain in the center of Phoenix, Az, 50 feet from a trail entrance to a preserve. I bought my house in December and have had to learn how to abate and learn to live with many desert creatures. I use no pesticides and have .25 acres of pine trees, palm trees and grass, surrounded by block wall so you can imagine.... After researching the poor critter that ran under my foot last evening, I am pretty depressed. I killed a Vinegaroon. This was a cool creature that I could have relocated to a perfect environment. Now I know not to panic if I see one again.

Posted by scorpion wrangler at 02:55 GMT on 27 August 2011

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