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Comments: A tarantula's burrow


Today, in the afternoon, I decided to clean up the right part of a terrarium in which I keep two tarantulas. The right part, since the terrarium is split into two sections, each housing one tarantula.

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I thought those pictures were a little scary, but also very cool. I am doing a report on tarantulas and it helped me visualize their homes

Posted by Ali at 20:30 GMT on 15 January 2007

Thanks Ali, glad to be of help and good luck on the report.

And yes, tarantulas scared me at first as well, but when I let finally walk an adult Brachypelma Vagans walk on my hand and arm the fear got much less. Somehow the large size of this tarantula made it easier.

I am still not very keen on handling small spiders.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:51 GMT on 16 January 2007

Cool pictures!!!! Thanks for posting.

Greetings from a cool night in Melbourne, Australia.


Posted by Dale & Chrissy at 12:38 GMT on 2 June 2008

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