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A Mexican tarantula from above

Coyolillo, Veracruz, Mexico | 0 comments
A Mexican tarantula species from above.
A Mexican tarantula species from above.

This tarantula species looks extremely similar to the Costa Rican tiger rump (Cyclosternum fasciatum), but it might be very well a different species, especially since it was found in Coyolillo, Veracruz.

I keep two juveniles of this species in a terrarium with a glass divider in the middle so each tarantula has its own section. I feed them crickets (field crickets, house crickets) and "superworms". The latter are the larvae of a darkling beetle species (Zophobas Morio).

This photo gallery is part of Arachnids near Coyolillo - part 3, which has more pictures of this wonderful animal.
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