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A snake on the road

Wednesday, May 3, 2006 | 0 comments

Today, in the morning Esme and I went out for a short walk nearby in order to test our new digital camera we bought yesterday, a Sony Cyber-shot DSC-S600.

Suddenly I noticed a beautiful snake in front of me, and I took some pictures. The snake had also noticed me, since it got into a strike pose, probably to bluff its way out.

Mexican ribbon snake: Thamnophis proximus rutiloris
Mexican ribbon snake: Thamnophis proximus rutiloris
Some other pictures I made of this ribbon snake. Click a thumbnail for a larger version

After I had taken some pictures the snake decided that we were no threat, and suddenly moved towards the grass close to the road and before we knew it, it was perfectly hidden in the high grass, even its movements no longer visible.

In the evening I was able to get an identification on the snake: a ribbon snake (Thamnophis proximus)

Edit: the next day the snake was identified as Thamnophis proximus rutiloris (Mexican ribbon snake, or Gulf Coast ribbon snake).

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