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Comments: Tarantulas and toads


Since I was still feeling a little weak after I got a foodborne illness (food poisoning) last week (which was almost gone last weekend), I had decided a few days ago to have a free day today and go out on a walk with Esme.

Read the rest of Tarantulas and toads.


What a fascinating picture! I was amazed to see something like a colony of tarantulas. I knew that some species cared for their young for extended periods (several instars) but it would appear there were two adults near each other under that stone.

The toads, too, are an interesting cohabitator. Very interesting.

I'm going to bookmark this to see if anyone else posts.




Posted by Thomas at 14:49 GMT on 19 April 2006

@Thomas - the stone was quite big, and both adults have their own exit and plenty of space outside. I am afraid when one tries a similar set up at home it might cause problems (especially when scorpions are mixed in).

As of the scorpions I now and then find under the same rock as tarantulas, I guess that the scorpions stay very close to the ground, while the tarantulas use the grass more to move. If I am right, then they hunt at different levels, and an encounter, while possible is rare.

Furthermore, I think an adult tarantula causes enough vibration to make a scorpion just go and hide. Also, I have seen scorpions in captivity just slap at a big prey with the side of their tail without actually stinging. I guess that most of the time nothing happens, because there is plenty of space, and many places to hide.

Posted by John Bokma at 15:00 GMT on 19 April 2006

I'm terrified of spiders this big. I read that you picked some of them up??? Why don't they try to bite you???

Sorry I'm so ignorant about them. I just assumed they'd attack if you got too close.

~ Larry

Posted by larry at 02:48 GMT on 22 May 2007

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