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Comments: Selfharm, depression and ignorance


Today my attention was drawn to a post on digg: "Imaging May Help With Depression". The post provided a link to a short article which described how brain imaging might help in deciding if cognitive behavior therapy was going to be effective or not in the treatment of a depression.

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Interesting reading. You obviously feel strongly about this subject. You seem to know where we 'professionals' are going wrong. Thanks for the enlightenment.

Posted by liz at 01:04 GMT on 14 December 2006

Thank you so much for writing this. It's nice to know that there are people who actually understand that self-harm is not about getting attention, and that cutting isn't the only way for people to self-harm.


Posted by Michelle at 04:31 GMT on 24 June 2007

as a recovering self harmer, I find it incredibly annoying to think that others see it as attention seeking. nothing could be further from the truth. it is so nice to know that others feel the same way as me. even though I don't meet others who do the same things as me I'm glad this web site allows me to sort of link with others

Posted by cheryl at 21:04 GMT on 27 December 2007

Fact is, depression can happen to anyone at any time, as can self-harm and suicidal thoughts. If it can happen to the likes of Dame Kelly Holmes and soccer hardman Vinnie Jones then it can happen to anyone. People who mock anything depression-related as attention seeking are just pathetic!

Posted by Jason at 02:06 GMT on 23 May 2008

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