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Comments: Scorpions molting


Today, when checking out some of my scorpions I noticed that one of the scorpions I collected in Zempoala (also spelled Cempoala), Veracruz (Mexico) was changing its exoskeleton (molting). Well, actually at first I thought it had died and was in some weird position. But when I picked up the plastic box I noted that something else was happening. So I grabbed my digital camera and started to take pictures.

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how long does the molting process last? my son's scorpion hasn't moved in the last couple of weeks. is it molting or dead? last time it took him a week to molt. thanks for your opinion. does he need the tank moist to molt? the tank is dry now.

p.s. good job on your website.

Posted by misty at 02:58 GMT on 28 June 2007

I really love reading through this site, it gave me alot of info on how 2 look after my baby scorpion, at the moment my scorpion is starting 2 molt. Scorpio has been very sluggish and it climbed upside down under a rock.

Posted by Riri at 07:44 GMT on 1 May 2008

@misty - what species? And yes, I think that some moisture is required to assist during the molt. I've had a scorpion die during because its enclosure got accidently too drie.

Thanks misty and Riri, for the compliments.

Posted by John Bokma at 21:19 GMT on 1 May 2008

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