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Comments: Tarantula terrarium


Last Wednesday Esme picked up the terrarium I had ordered for my two tarantulas. One of them escaped months ago, but suddenly showed up 2 weeks ago, which was quite a happy surprise.

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Hi i have a big tank 48 inches in length 20 in height and 18 in width is that too big for a tarantula or does it matter is bigger necessairily better?

Posted by sean at 03:50 GMT on 21 October 2006

Hi Sean - depends probably also on the species. Twenty inch is quite high for a terrestrial type. My tarantulas climb on the glass now and then, and if they can climb high and fall, they might rupture their abdomen and die.

I am going to change both tarantulas I keep in the terrarium I described to one that is less heigh (about 8 inch) for exactly that reason.

Posted by John Bokma at 02:32 GMT on 23 October 2006

hey i just bought a tigerrump and was wondered if there was a way to determine sex for estimated length of life

Posted by jay at 02:06 GMT on 9 December 2008

Hi Jay - if the species I encounter here in the wild is Cyclosternum fasciatum, the adult males have tibial spurs, see: Tarantulas near Trapiche del Rosario.

If it's a juvenile tarantula, sexing might be harder, see Brachypelma vagans creating a sperm web for several links on how to sex a tarantula.

Posted by John Bokma at 19:41 GMT on 11 December 2008

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