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Comments: Black widows, wasps, and cactuses near San Nicolás


Originally we wanted to go to El Limón Totalco today, but because we both got up late, we would arrive too late, so I thought up a new destination more nearby. When we visited Otates last year, we passed through a town that had attractive surroundings. But I couldn't come up with the name.

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thanks john! i enjoy your walks sooo much! you have a wonderful way of making me feel as if i was there.


Posted by john bray at 22:22 GMT on 15 February 2006

Beautiful pictures! Really felt involed every photo spot due to great narrative. Keep up the great work.

Posted by Daniel Ybarra at 05:48 GMT on 12 March 2006

Hoi John, Leuk om je beschrijving te lezen van een mooie wandeling, met mooie foto's erbij. Doe de groeten aan Esme, tot schrijfs.


Posted by Jan at 09:51 GMT on 27 March 2006

very interesting, that wasp nest must have been scary to have seen.

Posted by Anonymous at 02:51 GMT on 19 April 2006

Great site. The plant identified as a succulent is a Hechtia sp. They're primitive, terrestrial bromeliads, i.e., members of the pineapple family.

Posted by Craig Goldstein at 23:41 GMT on 18 May 2006

Craig, many thanks! I have fixed the error, and thanks for the additional information. I love to learn the proper names of what I see.

Posted by John Bokma at 03:06 GMT on 19 May 2006

If you like Black Widows... you might enjoy this funny video.

I have about a dozen Widow "pets" and have a great deal of very interesting raw video that I'll get around to uploading some day.

Posted by Speed at 09:16 GMT on 22 June 2006

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