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Comments: Finding an abuse email address

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Ever wanted to send an abuse report by email, but no idea where to get started? I had the same problem, and by emailing SpamCop.net with my question I got an answer. When you enter one line consisting of the IP address or hostname of the offender in the spam reporting form, you get one or more abuse reporting addresses back.

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Nice work John. There's so much spam on the Internet to and they are getting out of hand. Hopefully with enough reporting they'll be shut down or filtered somehow. I noticed that Microsoft has started implementing more filters and denying obvious spammers access to the their Hotmail customers. Hopefully other big players start to come up to the plate and make a stand on this ever growing problem.

Again John, thanks for doing your part.

Posted by canadafred at 18:27 GMT on 21 March 2006

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