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Comments: Tracking Internet stalkers and reporting them

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Recently I moved a phpBB message board belonging to a friend, from one site to another. She suspected one or more persons hacking her message board. I had the feeling that the hosting she got for free was of the quality she was paying for and blamed it on bad maintenance, and advised her to move to a different hosting company. Well, in the end it turned out that she was right about one thing, she had two rats trying to stalk her, and making subtle changes to her forum.

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I have had a creep harass me online for 8 months on AOL. They have removed no less than 5 of his accounts and within 24 hours, he has a new one. Now he includes a link to a profile on Yahoo, using my real picture and saying nasty things about me. I have been told by an executive at AOL that there is no way they can permanently remove him. I suggested they send him a brief email telling him that if his behavior continues, they will alert the authorities. AOL refuses to do that, saying they are merely a server.....but just call someone a fag in a chat room and you're warned that you'll lose your account. Something is wrong when you're paying for a service that doesn't protect you from predators.

Posted by Brandy at 16:09 GMT on 6 February 2006

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