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Comments: More tarantulas and bark scorpions


When the road went more down, I said to Esme that we walked a little bit more, and then would return. She noticed that what I called "down", was a river, and indeed she was right. We both rested on a huge boulder near the almost dry river. After a short rest I crossed the river (and nearly fell into it) and looked under a few stones. Then we went back.

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I am'from otates thanks for use mi town for esperiment the tarantulas

Posted by charly at 06:36 GMT on 25 December 2005


i love your pictures.

I have a little cabin in Hillsboro, Texas (South of Dallas). I found 3 scorpions in the last 3 years. I leave animals alone, but these guys really scare me.

I killed one 2 days ago and kept the body. I'll shoot some pictures. It seems you know a lot about animals. Can I contact you to send you the pictures and have your point of view about the kind of scorpions I have there?

Please e-mail me.


Posted by Cesar at 21:21 GMT on 14 November 2006

Cesar - Sure. I am not an expert on scorpions, but have some understanding, or otherwise can point you to the real experts. A wild guess would be that you have found Centruroides vittatus, common name "striped bark scorpion".

Picture of Centruroides vittatus.

The photo shows their resting/attempting to hide position. Notice the 2 dark stripes on their back.

Instead of killing them, you might try to find someone who loves to keep those as pets, and have them take them from your cabin now and then.

Did you find them inside the cabin, or under a stack of wood?

Posted by John Bokma at 00:46 GMT on 15 November 2006

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