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Comments: Scorpion hunting on the roof


Today, in the early afternoon I joined Esme on our roof. The sun was shining, and she was doing some washing. Some time ago I had looked between the stones and tiles on our roof for scorpions, but didn't put them back into a nice stack. So I decided to do that now. And when I lifted the last stone to put on the new stack, I noticed a scorpion, a female Centruroides flavopictus. I carefully shielded the scorpion from the sun with my hand (don't try this at home, the sting is painful) and asked Esme to get a plastic cup and a piece of paper. When she came back I put the plastic cup over the scorpion, and tried to moved the piece paper underneath the scorpion. But somehow it escaped... I had to move some more stuff, and then it ran away again. Then I made the scorpion walk onto the piece of paper, lifted the paper, and with a smooth move the scorpion ended up in the plastic cup. Esme complimented me (You're getting good at it) and we both had a good peek at the scorpion. It looked certainly like a female.

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