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Comments: Tree frogs and vinegaroons near Teocelo


Today we went to the Matlacóbatl ravine (barranca), near Teocelo. We originally wanted to visit that place last weekend, but back then the weather was quite bad (lot of rain). But today was a beautiful day, so we took the bus in the direction of Teocelo and asked the driver to signal us when we where close to El Puente Olvidado, the Forgotten Bridge, which we accidentally found when my mother was visiting us a few months ago.

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Congratulations! You has visited our wonderfull ravine. Now, friends and me want recover inorganic matter in Matlacóbatl. We are Senderistas Teocelo group. You can visit us in Teocelo.com

Eduardo Cervantes

Posted by ed at 18:19 GMT on 3 March 2006

Wow, I just found this page while doing a search for a school project and I had to stay up a little later to read it and look at your beautiful pictures! I'm in New Jersey, USA right now and I'm so jealous of such beautiful places. I hope you had a really great time and maybe one day I will get to go hold some vinegaroons! - Dee

Posted by Deecat at 03:18 GMT on 14 August 2007

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