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Comments: CGI, templates, and bad Perl code


In reply to a question in the Usenet group alt.www.webmasters on how to create space between elements in HTML I replied with a Perl snippet (as a joke, of course):

Read the rest of CGI, templates, and bad Perl code.


I don't find anything like that code at the mbstevens webpage. Whazzup?

Posted by Bonkin Bobby at 21:24 GMT on 29 November 2005

M.B. Stevens (you) decided in the very end that I was right on many points and looked up code similar to mine in a book, and decided to publish that instead on his page. Hence the "Updated Nov. 29, 2005".

Somehow he preferred to do it this way, instead of crediting me.

Posted by John Bokma at 22:13 GMT on 29 November 2005

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