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Tortilla Flat, Colour Scheme, and Cachalot

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 | 1 comment

Today Esme and I went to the secondhand bookstore. But it turned out to be closed. When Esme looked around she noticed that the shop had moved to the otherside of the road into a new, much bigger place. So we paid it a visit. The English secondhand books where still in boxes, so Esme asked if it was ok for me to browse through it, which was no problem.

After browsing for some time through many books I came up with the following selection:

I picked the first book because I read some of Steinbeck's work, notably "Of Mice and Men", but also since the story plays in Monterey, Mexico. Edit: no it doesn't, my bad.

The second book, I had looked at this book before in the shop, and back then decided not to buy it. Can't remember why. Today I decided to buy it, since the author, Ngaio Marsh is ranked with Agatha Christie according to the cover, and I like a Agatha Christie a lot, excellent writer.

And when I wrote this blog entry, I discovered that the story plays in New Zealand, it even has a short Maori words list, some I already knew since I have been living in New Zealand for over 2 years. So, a pleasant surprise, let's hope the cover lives up to its promise.

Finally, the third book. It's about a landless ocean planet (sounds like Jack Vance's Blue World, which I love) so science fiction, which I love to read. Let's hope it's a good one.

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