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Comments: Cricket hunting


Today, after four, we walked to the hills behind the university library of Xalapa. Some time ago I was able to find some big field crickets there, and since I fed the male of the breeding pair to the tarantula, and the female died recently, I hoped to find like 6 females, and 4 males.

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Thanks for posting the information about the crickets. I am thinking about raising some myself. Your English is excellent for being from Mexico. Take care. Siggy

Posted by sIGGYsMALLS at 05:32 GMT on 26 January 2008

You're welcome Siggy. I am currently living in Mexico (for almost 4 years now), but was born in the Netherlands, so thanks for the compliment on my English. Don't ask me how mySpanish is, though...

Posted by John Bokma at 03:58 GMT on 1 February 2008

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