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Comments: Hypnotize by System of a Down


The official System of a Down website has been updated with a (not so) new Flash animation, and a new SoaD song... Hypnotize.

Read the rest of Hypnotize by System of a Down.


the song is good but like i belive like the song on the mezmerize cd there best work is still to be heard.

Posted by systemfan at 04:04 GMT on 10 October 2005

hypnotise by system of a down is amazing! darons voice is amazing serj sounds amazing ! the whole song is just ingredible if thats just one song then wat do ya think the whole album hypnotise is gunno be like... yeah u got it AMAZING! system are the best band... daron malakian is the best! and hes hot! system i sulute u !

Posted by sam at 12:21 GMT on 19 October 2005

The song sends you into a sort of hyperdrive high which makesme listen to it over and over again.I JUST CANT HEAR ENOUGH OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted by Zombie at 16:57 GMT on 10 March 2006

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