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Comments: The beach near Quiahuiztlan


Today we went to the beach near Quiahuiztlan (now say that fast ten times), the very beach where Hernán Cortés supposed to have landed in Mexico. Quiahuiztlan is a fortified settlement, and visiting it is highly recommended. We still haven't done so, but will do in the near future.

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that girl in photo is very attractive

Posted by meano at 11:26 GMT on 2 May 2006

With the back of the shell open like that, the crab almost certainly moulted and left the dead shell you found. They do that to grow - so the claw on the crab now is even larger than the shell you found. How's that for nightmare-inducing!

Posted by regularfry at 10:38 GMT on 3 March 2009

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