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Comments: Hiking near San Luis Atexcac


Yesterday we used Google Earth and a map of Puebla to make a decision of where to go. We wrote down 3 place names and wanted to decide in Perote, since some places are hard to get if there is no bus going. When we arrived in Perote, San Luis Atexcac was the easiest to get to, we could just take the bus down to the city of Puebla. On the way we passed Laguna Alchichica which we have visited twice so far.

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Hello from Xalapa, Veracruz Mexico. I'm Jesús Rafael I have also visited several times that lake, it awesome. Did you taste PULQUE? It's a drink make of Agave very famous. San Luis Atexcac (and other towns in the zone) make that drink. One interesting fact is that the ferment it with cattle excretions (shit) it's not a joke. The drink is very cheap and it doesn't taste bad (after 2 or 4 drinks. By the way where are you from?

PD: sorry for my bad english xD.

Posted by Jesús Rfl at 16:54 GMT on 6 January 2007

Hola Jesús,

I currently live in Xalapa as well. I haven't tried pulque yet though.

And yes, the lake is indeed awesome.

Since you have a Windows Live "space" maybe you're interested in blogging in general? If so you might be interested in Encuentro de Blogs which is held in Xalapa.

Posted by John Bokma at 01:50 GMT on 16 January 2007

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