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Comments: Gecko in the house


Tonight, when Esme and I went out to have dinner, I saw a gecko jumping down the stairs in very fast, almost flowing movements. We have heard the gecko a few times before (it makes loud kissing noises), and even saw it inside our apartment a few times. And a few days ago it scared Esme on the stairs.

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We live near a lake in Central Texas and there are mosquitos in the Summer. The young geckos get into the kitchen sink and bathtub and eat any mosquitos or ants they can find. Unfortunately, the cats occasionally catch a gecko; so I try to put them back outside when I find one, just to keep them safe. The ones I find are about 2-2.5 inches long and easily lose their tails.

Posted by Glenal at 04:31 GMT on 15 February 2006

I live in El Paso, TX and see geckos all the time, I dont like the things, they creep me out, I have one in the house now and was wondering on how getting it outside, I will not pick them up. Neither will my husband. He went under my couch so I dont know where he is.

Thanks, Colleen

Posted by Colleen at 15:31 GMT on 8 August 2006

Hi Colleen,

If you scare it often enough it might decide to find another house to live in. On the other hand, house geckos are harmless, and get rid of a lot of insects and other small animals you probably also don't want in your house.

Posted by John Bokma at 20:52 GMT on 14 September 2006

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