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Comments: Blog ping of death?


For quite some time there have been rumours that Google, and probably other search engines as well, are going to move blogs from their main search results, and move them to their own category.

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Another good Ping Service that we use is PingtheEmpire.com!

Posted by Michael at 06:52 GMT on 28 November 2005

Hi, you mention that you ..."accidently pinged different URLs on my site, and noticed that with an inurl: search all show up."

How did you do this, did you simply type in the ping URL to your post via the google search, via your browser, or is there a google URL with a ?file.php=whatever to do this?

I am curious to try the same!

Posted by Stewart Farquhar at 00:29 GMT on 29 September 2006

Hi Stewart,

I went to Ping-o-Matic and accidently entered the "wrong" URL for the Blog Home Page as far as I can recall.

Posted by John Bokma at 03:39 GMT on 29 September 2006

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