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Comments: 25th Hour


Today Esme and I watched "25th Hour", a movie directed by Spike Lee. It gives the viewer a peek in the life of a man, a day before he goes to jail for seven years. The movie reminded me a lot of "21 grams", a movie I like a lot. I really liked the acting, and how real (to me) the characters were.

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I'm glad you found a good usage of VideoLAN. I wouldn't get it myself if it wouldn't be required for viewing live stream video from Trnfest. I like to use it for opening media files from net since i don't want to mess up my Winamp playlist and WMP is just WMP.

If you find any other useful feature let me know :)

Posted by mistressEVIL at 23:02 GMT on 21 September 2005

It is able to play .bin files without the need to burn them on CD.

Oh, and try "Wallpaper" (in the Video menu).

Posted by John Bokma at 23:11 GMT on 21 September 2005

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